APEA Members can create an entry in the Yearbook

In order to ensure that your details are included in the Yearbook it is essential that you complete your entry by 1st April.

Even if you do not wish to advertise in the Yearbook, to be included in the petroleum company contacts section and industry sector section you should enter as follows:

  1. You will find access to the Yearbook section through the My Account section. Anyone who entered online for the previous issue of Yearbook will be able to update their details from their previous entry.
  2. Click on the ‘Yearbook Entry’ button which will present you with a form. This will be pre-filled with the details in your membership record which you can change.
  3. Before you complete your entry please ensure that they are correct, you are responsible to check these details. What you type here is how it will appear in the Yearbook. Please use upper and lower case letters as appropriate.
  4. During the creation of your Yearbook entry, you can request additional industry sectors and trade names which your name or company name will be listed under for £30 + VAT each. Members receive one industry sector free per entry.
  5. The final step is to confirm your details. If you have chosen additional industry sectors you can make your payment at the checkout using a credit or debit card.

Each member is entitled to one FREE Industry Sector entry (industry sector) per company in the Yearbook. Any additional entries are charged at £30.00. The system will total up any costs due, if you have selected additional Industry Sectors and you can make a card payment online.

The entry system will confirm your entry to you by email (if you have entered an email address) and also notify us of your entry. We will then record that you have completed an entry for the Yearbook on the membership database. Once you have completed your entry just log onto your membership account and click on ‘Yearbook’.


Advertise in the Yearbook

For information on advertising in the Yearbook including advert sizes and rates.

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