The APEA Association’s Aims and Objectives are as follows:

  • The advancement of scientific, technical and legal knowledge required in the administration of the Petroleum & Explosives and associated environmental legislation.

  • To facilitate the interchange of information, ideas and practice on all matters pertaining to Petroleum & Explosives and associated environmental legislation.

  • To attain, so far as is practicable, uniformity in the administration of this legislation.

  • To establish the formation of branches in the United Kingdom and other Countries.

  • To co-operate with other bodies having similar objectives to those of the Association, to act as an authoritive body for consulting with government, public bodies and other in matters of public, professional and scientific interest concerning petroleum, explosives and associated environmental law.

APEA Membership and Information

The Association comprises Individual Members, Corporate Members, Fellows, Honorary Members, and Retired Members. The APEA is managed by the National Council which consists of Officers of the Association, four people elected from the Membership, and representatives from local branches.

The APEA has grown rapidly and continues to gain strength and recognition in its field of work. The APEA Business Manager is the first point of contact for day to day enquiries and can be contacted at or on + 44 (0) 345 603 5507.

The APEA is a Company Limited by Guarantee. The Association’s membership year runs for 12 months from the date of joining or renewal.

Membership of the APEA offers you a host of benefits from discounts to events

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