If you take out a full-page ad in the Yearbook, you are entitled to a free banner ad on the APEA website for one year from April to April. Alternatively, if you do not wish to take out an advert in the Yearbook you can book a banner for one year for £200 plus vat. Please contact Jane Mardell at admin@apea.org.uk to make your booking.


Banner Advertising

You can advertise by displaying your banner adverts throughout the APEA site.

Banner adverts are found at the top of each page, just like the one above. They are seen by everyone as they move throughout the website and are often the first thing that you see on each page. They can be still or animated although a little animation can help catch the eye.

The adverts appear in a random rotation, with an even chance that your advert is as likely to be displayed as any other.

Advertising using this method means that your advert is competing for advertising space with the other adverts being displayed on the site at that time.


Linking to your site

When your banner advert is displayed on the site, clicking on it will take the viewer to another website. When you supply your banner advert, you must also supply the website address, or URL, that your banner advert should be linked to.

In this way, the banner adverts are able to help direct viewers to a website of your choosing.



The advertiser is responsible for designing and providing the banner advert. They should be

No other formats will be considered.