This is an article from the June Bulletin Issue written by Simon White, Business Development Manger, FASS UK.

Tanks and Pipeworks is a leading company specialising in tank lining, petrol filling station solutions, tank cleaning and much more. With years of experience and a dedicated team of professionals Tanks and Pipeworks has established itself as a trusted provider of lining systems in the industry.

The most notable service offered by Tanks & Pipeworks is the EN approved, UK patented Tri-Line tank lining system. We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of storage tanks, whether it’s for fuels, chemicals, water, or other substances. Our expert team utilises advanced techniques and high-quality materials to ensure tanks are properly inspected, prepared, lined, and monitored to protect against corrosion, leaks, and other potential hazards.

By providing reliable tank lining solutions, Tanks and Pipeworks helps businesses maintain the compliance, safety and efficiency of their operations.

Tanks and Pipeworks has recently revisited a retail petrol filling station in Birmingham with an order to Tri-lIne five single skin steel underground fuel tanks.

A single tank on the site had previously had the Tri-Line system installed by Tanks and Pipeworks for the previous owners on the 28th May 2011 and part of the scope of the works was to provide an investigation and report on the condition of the tank lining.

The tank had been monitored for the previous 12 years by a constant vacuum monitoring system and no faults or alarms had been reported in that time.

While preparing the five single skin tanks for lining the lined tank was cleaned and internally inspected and apart from some discolouration of the topcoat resins, shown on the attached photo, the lining was found to be in perfect condition. The tank surface was then lightly abraded, and a new topcoat resin resistant to all modern standard fuels was applied.

As the accompanying before and after photos show, unlike some other tank lining contractors, Tanks and Pipeworks line the entire barrel and dished ends of the tank and not just the tank floor.

When work had been completed on the newly lined tanks the previously lined and now refurbished tank was connected with them to the new digital monitoring system. This allows for a constant monitoring system to be connected to the site’s automatic tank gauge, and then to remote monitoring stations, to provide instant warning of vacuum loss and also a downloadable data log of vacuum readings recorded every 60 seconds for each tank.

The data log has proved invaluable in demonstrating to customers when tank alarms have been investigated that third party interference with, or damage to, the monitoring system is the overwhelming cause of alarms with the Tri- Line system and with over 700 tank lining systems installed only two tanks have required warranty visits to rectify issues within the tank lining systems themselves.

This case indicates why Tanks and Pipeworks remains the leading installer of lining systems in the UK and why we are delighted to offer an inspection and refurbishment service and to extend for another 10-years the warranty on our lining systems. Not all lining systems are the same.

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