This petrol station in Sweden is an example of how time has stood still as this station still has some of the same Ljungman’s equipment that was installed when it was originally constructed in 1954.

The petrol station and garage was opened in the 1950’s by Svenne Nilsson and a report published in the local paper in November 2004 said:

“Many petrol stations in the area have disappeared one by one. But Svenne’s car workshop and petrol station in little Hjälmshult live on. This autumn has been the 50th anniversary and the owner Svenne Nilsson, who turns 70 on Sunday, has no plans to quit. “I like helping people with their cars. It almost feels like I am making a social contribution and the customers have always been so kind and grateful. I have never received any complaints”, says Svenne Nilsson. He drives a Saab himself but does not want to name a favourite car. “All cars are good if they are handled properly, he says diplomatically.”

The petrol station no longer appears to be operating but still remains as a reminder of times past.

This is the very early “automat” which enabled customers to pay for their fuel using coins and notes before the credit card was introduced. Once payment was made the customer chose the pump then filled up. Sweden was one of the first countries to use these systems.

Ljungmans Pump Manufacturers were founded by Jacob Ljungman in Malmo, Sweden in 1924 and produced many dispensers for sale across Europe including the UK.

The company was taken over in 1970 by the American company Dresser Industries and is now part of the Dover Corporation.

By Jamie Thompson, APEA Technical Committee Chairman
Photos by Stuart Thompson