Membership of the APEA

All you need to know about membership of the Association and how to join - why not join today?

If you are:

  • involved in the Oil Industry
  • work for an oil company
  • work for a retailer operating petrol filling stations
  • a Petroleum Officer, or a Regulator concerned with the industry
  • a supplier of goods or services to the petroleum industry
  • a contractor to the industry

Then you should join the APEA -- the Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration. It represents extremely good value for money.

Membership payment and renewal information

Your membership runs from 12 months from the date of your payment. Payments can only be made by card. The system is an auto renew system, you will receive a payment notification email one month before the next payment is due. Once the payment is processed you will receive a confirmation email and you can download your invoice and receipt.

If you wish to make any changes to your membership please go to 'My Account'.

Individual Membership

£50.00 per year

This entitles you to one copy of the Bulletin per quarter, use of the APEA logo (not for company use), one APEA Yearbook and discounts on APEA Training courses.

Corporate Membership

£175.00 per year

This entitles you to five copies of the Bulletin per quarter, five copies of the APEA Yearbook, use of the APEA logo and discounts on APEA Training courses for all your company staff. One representative per company.

Retired Membership

£15.00 per year

This entitles you to one copy of the Bulletin per quarter and one APEA Yearbook.

Retired membership can only be purchased if you are no longer in employment and a personal home address should be provided on your contact details.

Be Better Informed

APEA Publications, including a free quarterly magazine, The Bulletin and other essential literature, meetings, seminars and conferences all enable members to be better informed about new developments, changing legislation and new technology.

New Business Contacts

Membership of the APEA offers you the forum in which you can exchange views and ideas with colleagues and fellow member and make valuable new contacts within the industry

New Membership

If you have never been a member before, you can purchase a new membership as detailed above.

Questions About Membership?

Telephone: 0345 603 5507

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