The Association's Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Association for Petroleum & Explosives Administration have remained unchanged since the foundation of the organisation in 1958, principally these are:-

  • The advancement of scientific, technical and legal knowledge required in the administration of the Petroleum & Explosives Acts and associated Environment legislation
  • To facilitate the interchange of information, ideas and practice on all matters pertaining to Petroleum & Explosives and associated Environment legislation
  • To attain, so far as is practicable, uniformity in the administration of this legislation
  • To establish the formation of branches in the United Kingdom and other Countries
  • To co-operate with other bodies having similar objectives to those of the Association, to act as an authoritive body for consulting with government, public bodies and other in matters of public, professional and scientific interest concerning petroleum, explosives and associated environmental law

APEA Branches

APEA Branches have been established across most parts of the UK and Ireland, with a growing number of European and North American members. The Association‘s branches serve as the forum for members. Contact details for branch secretaries are provided in each copy of the APEA‘s magazine, The Bulletin and on the APEA website at

The Bulletin

This is the quarterly magazine, published by the Association and is sent free to all members. The Bulletin includes news, press releases, features of technical and legal interest, covering all aspects of petroleum and explosives and training and branch information. The Bulletin provides a forum for technical, legal, safety and some-times controversial matters.

APEA Events

APEA Live, the best 24 hours on the trade calendar, a specialist annual event for the petroleum industry, incorporating an Exhibition, Conference and Awards Dinner, all in one fantastic day. This event is usually held in October or November of each year. Detailed information is available at or please contact the APEA Business Manager at

In addition to this event your Branch will hold Branch meetings during the year at various locations. This is an opportunity for members to meet fellow branch members and provide the means whereby members can exchange information, knowledge and experience as well as providing a platform for speakers from members of the Association, industry, government departments and elsewhere.

General Information

The Association comprises Individual Members, Corporate Members, Fellows, Honorary Members, and Retired Members. The APEA is managed by the National Council which consists of Officers of the Association, four people elected from the Membership, and representatives from local branches.

The APEA has grown rapidly and continues to gain strength and recognition in its field of work. The APEA Business Manager is the first point of contact for day to day enquiries and can be contacted at or on + 44 (0) 345 603 5507.

The APEA is a company Limited by Guarantee. The Association's membership year runs for 12 months from date of joining or renewal.

APEA Membership

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