This is an article from the September Bulletin Issue written by Clare Scawthorn, Technical Manager, RMIF.

On the 15 June 2022 The Building Regulations etc. (Amendment) (England) (No. 2) Regulations 2021 came into force and saw the introduction of Approved Document S ‘Infrastructure for the charging of electric vehicles’. These regulations legally mandate quotas for installing electric vehicle charging infrastructure at buildings in England and set out minimum standards for charging equipment and cabling.

What are the quotas?

Quotas are stipulated for residential and non-residential properties, whether they are new build or undergoing major renovation.

For non-residential properties the requirements are: Where a building which is not of residential or mixed-use, be it a new build or undergoing major renovations, will have 10 or more parking spaces upon completion

(a) one of those parking spaces must have access to one electric vehicle charge point; and

(b) cable routes for electric vehicle charge points must be installed for at least one in every five parking spaces.

Note: some exemptions apply.

What does this mean for fuel retailers?

The Automated and Electric Vehicles Act has a section which allows for future regulations to also be made to place quotas on large fuel retailers and service area operators. As things currently stand, this section of the Act has not been brought into force, there is no legal definition for either term and so there are no quotas specifically being placed on fuel retailers. It is important to note that the requirements within the amended building regulations may still apply at filling stations should a new build or major refurbishment of a building on the site meet the criteria in the regulations/Approved Document S.

Where can I find more information?

You can download a copy of Approved Document S, which includes the regulations and supporting information, from: here.

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