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DOB: 28th November 1961
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London Fire Brigade Training


Employment History


London Fire Brigade

A former petroleum inspector employed by the London Fire Brigade, I had been in this employment for 34 years, starting as a trainee inspector in 1982 and being appointed in 1983, promotion to Deputy Head and then Head of Petroleum team in 2015.

I retired from the London Fire Brigade in December 2016.

My duties were to oversee the enforcement of the Petroleum (Consolidation) Regulations 2014 (PCR) the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 within petrol filling stations and associated shop premises within the London Area.

I was also responsible for overseeing 9 Primary Authority Partnerships (PAPS) which have legal status under the Regulatory and Enforcement Sanctions Act 2008, this is for the London Fire Authority to give regulatory advice to other enforcing authorities with regards to the PCR and DSEAR with regards to the partners and their business. I regularly attended the Primary Authority working group at the Regulatory Delivery Department in Westminster.

I was a lead author of the London Fire Brigade Guidance Note 75: Risk Assessments for Petrol Filling stations required under Fire Safety Legislation

This was produced for issue to petrol station owners to inform them of the protocols and procedures in completing a Risk assessment for petrol stations and associated shop premises.

Contributor to the London Fire Brigade guidance note 66:

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

I contributed in respect of storage of flammable and combustible material storage on-premises.

Responsible for the review of the “Red Guide” (operating petrol filling stations) in respect of the guidance for operating an unattended self-service petrol station in respect of control measures for avoidance of fire and explosion.


Consultant with Petropolis Limited (Limited Company & VAT registered)

Following my retirement from the London Fire Brigade, I have started to carry out consultancy on compliance within the petroleum industry, specialising in both Fire and explosives issues and environmental protection.

I have recently signed a contract with BP Oil UK Limited for the following services:

Production of DSEAR, Fire and Environmental risk assessments for all Company-owned petrol filling stations

Consulting re the implementation of a new type of road tanker delivery which includes the legal aspect and liaison with the UK Health and Safety Executive

Liaison with Fire Service Scotland in respect of Fire Safety risk assessments

Review of staff training material with respect to fuel and fire safety.

Provided Training for the Petroleum inspectors from Hampshire County Council, Kent County Council and Stoke on Trent City Council.


Committee work during career

I sit/have sat and participate(d) upon various committees and groups as follows:

•    Petroleum Enforcement Liaison Group (PELG)

A committee endorsed by the UK Health and safety Executive (HSE) to produce guidance as to the law and safe keeping of petroleum spirit

As part of PELG I was instrumental in writing the guidance for Unattended self-service for petrol filling stations that has been included within the PELG red guide for filling station operation, also administering an update to the overall  document.

•    Chief Fire Officers Petroleum and Explosives group

A committee that is made up of lead fire officers from the fire authorities within the UK that enforce petroleum Law

•    Installation of Hydrogen on petrol filling stations: working group

I was part of the working group that has produced the published guidance on co-locating Hydrogen upon a petrol filling station where none had previously existed in the world

•    Developing Petrol filling stations beneath residential accommodation

I was an integral part of the working group that has developed the published guidance on developing petrol filling stations beneath residential accommodation as I have extensive experience in this field of expertise with regards to the fire safety measures involved. I have given presentations on this subject to representatives of the Japanese energy institute and members of both the Thailand and Brazilian Governments

•    Revision group for the EI/APEA Blue Book

I am one of the lead subject matter experts responsible for revising the industry code of practice that is produced jointly by the Energy institute and the Association of Petroleum and Explosives Administration (APEA) the book is the Design, construction, modification maintenance and decommissioning of petrol filling stations. And is commonly known as the Blue Book, this publication has been accepted by the Health and Safety Executive as a code of practice. I have currently the remit to rewrite the chapters on Risk Assessment and construction site safety.

•    Unloading a petrol road tanker at a petrol filling station

I was an integral member of the HSE committee that reviewed and produced the revised version of L133 ACOP concerning the unloading of fuel at a petrol filling station. I am considered a subject matter expert on the DSEAR regulations and their implementation.

•    Introduction of the Road Tanker Drivers Passport

Part of a committee/working group that produced the guidance and appropriate training in order for UK road tanker drivers to obtain a safety passport in order to load and deliver dangerous substances to petrol filling stations within the UK, working closely with the UK transport unions.

•    European standards committees

I have sat and still sit on European standards committees and BSI committees for Underground Storage tanks (TC265) and LPG Pressure Vessels (CEN/TC211) I have carried out extensive research into en13160 standard for leak detection systems and I am considered a subject matter expert on tank lining systems, I am a member of the British Standards Institute and the Energy Institute.

•    Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration (APEA) National Council Member

I am a former Chairman of the APEA, I was also previously the Chairman of the APEA training committee, I am a member of the APEA Technical committee and the Editor of the quarterly APEA Bulletin journal, I am also an APEA trainer that regularly delivers training courses on Construction, Audit and Inspection of Petrol filling stations, also a one-day course on the Dangerous substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 and the Risk Assessment process. In November 2018 I was made a Fellow of the Association

•    Lecturing

I have extensive experience of giving lectures and speeches at large events worldwide, topics have included the large fuel fire at Buncefield Terminal in Hertfordshire and fuel safety related matters, I am ranked in the top five in the Marcus Evans requested speakers program worldwide.

•    Expert Witness

I have been used as an expert witness for several court cases involving contamination from leaking underground storage tanks, fire safety issues involving petrol storage and I am

Currently I am being utilised by a UK County Council in a court case involving Fraud involving engineering works carried out at a petrol filling station.

•    Kingdom of Bahrain Inspection and Government Liaison

I have recently visited Bahrain as part of an expert team, during this visit the team inspected all petroleum storage facilities within the Kingdom, the contract for the inspections was with the Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) but the visits were also attended by the National Oil and Gas Association of Bahrain (NOGA) and representatives of the Bahrain Civil Defence Authority.

I inspected petrol filling stations and I was the lead inspector that inspected all the Marina operations within the Kingdom of Bahrain, I issued advice and urgent recommendations for 3 of the sites.

It is envisaged that I will be part of a team that looks at the implementation of Petroleum Law within the Kingdom.


Subject Matter Expert


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