This is an article from the June Bulletin Issue written by Brian Humm, Editor of The Bulletin and APEA Trainer.

Hi, I’m not sure if I am asking the right people but, we have been requested to upgrade a car park at a music school and there is a requirement for a petrol separator to be installed. Firstly what type of separator do we require, and will we need to undertake a DSEAR risk assessment once completed?

All drainage within the UK is subject to the building regulations, approved document H. This tells you the requirements for the separator and associated pipework; it gives the appropriate flow rates and falls etc (even down to the plastic drainage pipework and seals resistant to petrol) to ensure that the area drains correctly, the standard for separators in EN858-1 and as long as the manufacturer confirms that this standard is met then this would suffice. The separator will need to be installed to the manufacturer’s instructions, also the standard requires that an audible alarm be connected to show that the separator requires attention/cleaning.

With regards to DSEAR then this area can be designated as a workplace whilst maintenance etc. is being carried out, therefore a DSEAR assessment under Regulation 5 will be required, as will a diagram of the hazardous area around the separator chamber and a vent pipe will be required to be displayed (Regulation 7).

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