In order to ensure that your details are included in the 2023 Yearbook and on the APEA website in the ‘Contacts’ section, it is essential that you complete your online entry by 1st April. Even if you do not wish to advertise in the Yearbook, to have your contact details and industry sector information included you should complete your entry as detailed below.

Deadline 1st April

Please note I will be contacting enforcing authorities separately to update these details. Please do not complete the instructions below.

1. To start your entry go the APEA website home page at
2. Log on to your membership record and go to ‘My Account’ and then click on ‘Yearbook’ on the left-hand side. If you completed an entry for the 2022 Yearbook this will be displayed.
3. You can then amend your contact details if required and then select the Industry Sector or Industry Sectors that you wish to be listed under
4. The confirmation page shows your yearbook entry details and summarises if you need to complete a payment or not. Make sure you confirm and submit the update on this page

Once you have completed the online entry form you will be sent a confirmation email. When you view your account your Yearbook entry will display as ‘Active’.

Each member is entitled to one FREE entry in the Petroleum Company Contacts section and one FREE Industry Sector per entry in the Yearbook. Additional Trade Names and Industry Sectors are charged at £30 each.

By Jane Mardell, APEA Business Manager