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Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on 15th January 2015 at
Compass Inn, Tormarton, GL19 1JB at 10.30 a.m.

1.     Apologies for Absence:
      Were received from:      

Ian Saunders    
Simon White
Nat Turner
Jacqueline Kingman
Guy Widdowson
2.     Minutes of 2014 AGM:
 Were agreed as being a true record; they were proposed by Doreen Pooley and accepted by all.

3.     Matters arising:

4.     Chairman’s Report:
 Attached to these minutes

5.     Secretary’s Report:
 Attached to these minutes

6.     Treasurers Report:
 Copies of the audited accounts were available prior to the meeting.  They were agreed by all.
7.    Branch Representatives Report:
Attached to these minutes.

8/12.    Election of Branch Officers and Committee Members.
    There has been 1 new nomination to committee and the following officers were re-elected:

    Name            Position            Nominated by        Seconded by    
    Doreen Pooley        Chairman        Paul Reyner        Jack Brinkhurst
    Barry Jenner        Past Chairman*
    Ray Blake        Vice Chairman        David Sommers        Barry Jenner
    Paul Reyner        Secretary        David Sommers        Barry Jenner
    Jack Brinkhurst        Treasurer        Paul Reyner        Doreen Pooley
Phil Monger        Branch Rep.        Doreen Pooley         Barry Jenner    
    Peter Cooper        Committee member    Jack Brinkhurst        David Sommers
    David Sommers        Committee member    Phil Monger        J. Brinkhurst
    Vacant‡            Committee member    
•    *Barry Jenner accepted the post of Past Chairman as Paul Reyner took the post of Secretary and Barry was previously the Chairman.
•    ‡    Since the meeting 3 members have shown interest in the vacancy, the committee will use the association’s rules to ensure their contributions can be made.

13.    Appointment of Auditors
    Ray Blake and Simon White were re-elected; this was proposed by Mark Jenkins and seconded by
    D. Sommers
               The accounts were accepted by all; this was proposed by Mark Jenkins and seconded by
    D. Sommers.

14.    Any other business.
The Chairman outlined the correspondence that the committee has had with National committee on both the Annual conference and dinner together with how the Association handles representation of member as regards technical issues that affect the Industry.
A discussion was held regarding the New Petrol Regs and the training available for those that want it and people should contact either Ray Blake or Paul Reyner to express interest in attending the training.

The AGM ended at 10.45 a.m.

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