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Minutes of the 2016 APEA Annual General Meeting
at Arena MK, 24th November 2016, 1.15pm

1.         Chairman’s Welcome

The Chairman, Killian Tallon welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced M Orr.

2.         Apologies

M Orr noted that there had been apologies and J Mardell read out the list.


3.         Minutes of previous meeting

M Orr said the minutes had been sent out to members from the previous AGM on 5th November 2015, it was agreed that the minutes were correct.  The minutes were proposed as correct by R Tunnicliff and seconded by L Morgan.


4.         Matters Arising from Minutes 5th November 2015.

There were no matters arising.

5.         Correspondence

M Orr said there had been no matters arising.


6.         Chairman’s Report

K Tallon welcomed everyone to the AGM and presented the following report:

First and foremost, I would like to welcome you all to the 2016 APEA Annual General Meeting. It is a great pleasure to see you all here in our new venue arena MK. When I started out as Chairman of this organisation I set out a number of objectives for my term of office, with constructive change being one of my priorities. It is wonderful to see it come to fruition this year with what I hope will be a very successful change in venue.

Firstly I would like to remember all of our members that have passed away since our last AGM and in particular Mike Silmon, our former Treasurer and a

Stalwart of the Association for many years who sadly passed away.

I am now coming to the end of my tenure as Chairman. It certainly has been an interesting and eventful term of office. I would like to thank all the Council Members and members of the APEA for their support during my time as Chairman and I hope my successor get the same level of commitment and support that I received. Two years ago I laid out my desire for change. I had no idea at the time how much change would occur both nationally and internationally. Obviously many other people were thinking the same way. When I see all the current and potential future changes that are emerging I believe we should view them as a great opportunity for the association to expand and grow.

I would like to thank Jane Mardell for all her hard work trying to keep myself and the other council members and me on the straight and narrow.  She always strives to keep the association as professional as possible. 

The branches and other committees continue to work hard to put on events that are held at different and hopefully interesting venues with topical, relevant, technical and useful content. I would urge all members and non members, to make a commitment to yourselves wherever possible to attend these events.  The website contains a calendar of known events and Jane is always more than happy to answer any enquiries.

The reports that follow from officers of the association will go into further detail regarding the current position of the association. I can assure all of our members that your council is here to represent you, the membership, and the decisions that are made at National Council are made in what we believe are the association’s best interests. I would strongly encourage anyone who feels they have something to offer or disagrees with decisions to run for office and let your voice be heard. That is always the best way for a democratic association to work.

I hope everybody enjoys the event today. Please take time to attend the conference and visit the exhibitors and sponsors. Their support of this event is very valuable and helps ensure that it is a success. For those of you who are able to join us for the awards dinner this evening. I am sure we will all have an enjoyable evening.


7.         Secretary’s Report 

M Orr presented the following report:

It has been a busy first year as Honorary Secretary. The role takes at least one day per month and in some months two days.

These have been split between playing my part in running the organisation; this involves, being the line manager to our Business Manager and helping her with advice, knocking heads together and bring more clout to bear when a supplier is being difficult, dealing with any rules and procedure related matters within the organisation, representing the Council at local Branch meetings and in conjunction with my own business interests representing APEA abroad at Uniti and PEI (at no cost to the APEA), attendance at Council meetings and Events committee meetings.

The only issue of broad concern to Branches and Council has been the status of Corporate membership of the association being used to take senior positions within branches or on APEA Council. Corporate Membership was created to allow businesses to have membership of the APEA but not to have any voice or influence of Council or Branch business. However Corporate Members cannot be officers of the association. This has not been made clear in the past and we need to emphasise this now. Council has discussed this at length and at the next Council meeting will consider a proposal from the Branches Secretary: to prevent a representative of a company from being an officer of a branch or Council unless they are an individual member. This is a move that I support.

I have agreed to Chair a Strategy Group that will be work over the next year to consult with those who lead Council committees, Branches and with Members to shape the future direction of the APEA, its organisation, activities and additional roles. This should be an exciting challenge with the object of bringing to this AGM in a year’s time solid items on which the members may vote.

A lot of work is done by our Business Manager and my fellow Council members, both visibly running training courses and in committee work advising legislators or providing guidance but also in the background redesigning and producing the Bulletin and running national events like this or leading our Branches. Thank you to them all.

However the Association is run for the benefit and development of its members and I would encourage all in our industry to attend their Branch meetings, play a part in running their Branches and if so minded to join the Council to help develop the Association further in the future.


8.         Treasurer’s Report

M Orr presented the report in the absence of the Treasurer G Bourhill.

Ladies and gentlemen as in previous years the accounts will be presented on the screen.

Briefly before I move on to them it would be amiss for me not to mention personally the sad passing of our previous Treasurer Mike Silmon just a few months ago. Mike was Treasurer of this association for many years and the sound financial systems and the way we conduct our business day to day and across the year were mostly set by Mike, something we should all be grateful for, I may have improved things a little with online and electronic ways of working, much to Mike’s, shall I say amusement. I owe Mike a great deal of respect and gratitude for the professional and personal way he handed the reigns over to myself some four years ago, Thanks Mike.

As I complete my Fourth year as your Treasurer, I would indicate and for the minutes, express my appreciation for the assistance of our accountants Ensors.

The accounts for 2015 are now on the screen.

If we can do them as we have always done, page by page.

First is the heading page.

Next is the Index page.

Page 1, the first numbered page is the list of directors and company information.

Pages 2 and 3, are the director’s report giving general information about the activities for the year, the profit and loss for the year and defining in general terms, the responsibilities of the directors.

Pages 4 and 5, are the independent auditor’s report, which is addressed to you and explains the rules and responsibilities covering the directors and the auditors.

Page 6 is the income and expenditure for the trading year and shows the profit or loss and you will see we had a profit of £25,411 after tax which is a increase on the surplus in the previous year of £9,353

As a non-profit making organization surpluses and deficits will occur as our association strives to provide benefits for the members. I’m very pleased to report we now continue a pattern of a surplus. Going forward small surpluses and deficits will prevail with reserves of in excess of £217,000. The association currently remains in a healthy state.

Page 7 is the balance sheet and shows us that we have reserves of £217,035.00

Pages 8, 9 and 10 are the notes to the preceding pages.

Page 11 shows details of money paid to the directors for various reasons.

I am happy to report that in my opinion these accounts, which are posted on our website and has been, published in the September Bulletin shows us to be in a good financial condition despite a continuing drop in Membership and retraction of the industry sector we work in.

R Tunniciff proposed the accounts as correct and seconded by A Martiniussen.


9.         Editor’s Report

B Humm presented the following report:

My first year in the editor’s hot seat has been quite an eventful one to say the least, I must admit I have enjoyed the experience and the “chase”, so to speak, to ensure articles are secured, I am surprised how difficult it is to cajole people to produce the required copy and have been let down a few times but have always managed to produce enough for the Bulletin to be published on time.

Advertising is still strong and we have many regular companies and individuals that have advertised for many years and I would like to thank them all for their continued support.

The standard and content of the Bulletin is still warmly received when it pops through the letterbox every quarter, I have received comments from various individuals as to how they enjoy the content and always feel informed following a good read, apart from the interesting technical articles that always attract comment the most read and enjoyed part is “ask the experts” for which I have received quite a few comments from regulators that have found it both extremely interesting but also informative, this section was initially introduced by Brian Baker and he should be pleased that it is still being seen as useful today.

The new “holiday corner” has proved popular and is still attracting photographs being submitted and the best submission so far has to be from Jamie’s Granddaughter of a petrol pump, lovely to see he has taught his family well!

I would like to thank a few people for their contributions to the continued success in the Bulletin production, namely Jamie Thompson, for his production of many articles, Jamie, Gareth Bourhill, Richard Wigfull, Mark Orr and Kim Bennett for the help in Ask the Experts and articles and obviously, the proof readers that carry out the unenviable task of checking everything, especially my spelling final thanks goes to Jane Mardell for her contribution in the new design of the Bulletin, extremely well received!, and her endless patience with me when compiling the copy for typesetting and the observance of the deadlines!

Finally, I hope that the members appreciate the Bulletin and will continue to contribute interesting articles and news for publication, it is getting increasingly harder to gather good quality articles so I urge all members to consider submitting anything that they think would be suitable for publication, when I signed up to follow Brian in the hot seat I didn’t realise how much work was to be involved but I have enjoyed the last year and look forward to producing the Bulletin going forward.

10.        Election of Officers

M Orr presented the nominations to Council.

Nomination forms have been received for the following persons, and in the absence of any other nominees, they were appointed to office unopposed:-






Anton Martinuessen

Louise Morgan

Gareth Bourhill


Louise Morgan

Jamie Thompson

Anton Martiniussen

Hon Sec

Mark James Orr

Jamie Thompson

Brian Baker


Gareth Bourhill

Jamie Thompson

Rob Tunnicliff


Brian James Humm

Jamie Thompson

Clare Scawthorne

Council member

Michael O'Kane

Ian Hillier

Rob Tunnicliff

Council member

Jamie Thompson

Brian Humm

Clare Scawthorne

Council member

Clare Scawthorn

Brian Humm

Jamie Thompson


11.        Any other Business

J Thompson advised at the last council meeting it was proposed that Bob Renkes be made an Honorary member of the APEA and which was agreed. J Thompson gave an overview about Bob Renkes input to the industry since 1988 when he was heading up the PEI. Bob Renkes has been a great supporter of the association over the years. J Thompson said that Bob is retiring in May next year and the APEA wanted to recognise this commitment. J Thompson said that Bob was unable to attend the AGM due to being thanksgiving in the USA.

K Tallon called the incoming Chairman A Martiniussen to the stage and presented the chain of office to him.

A Martiniussen thanked K Tallon for his wonderful work for the association and hoped he would be able to do likewise and confirm his commitment and hold up the values and aspirations of the APEA.

M Orr closed the meeting.



PO Box 106, Saffron Walden, CB11 3XT, Essex, United Kingdom

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