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Minutes of the 2014 APEA Annual General Meeting
Held at the Ricoh Arena
5th November 2014, 1.15pm

Download the minutes by clicking here

1.    Chairman’s Welcome
The Chairman, Louise Morgan welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced R Tunnicliff.

2.    Apologies
R Tunnicliff noted that there had been apologies and J Mardell had the list.

3.    Minutes of previous meeting
R Tunnicliff reviewed the minutes from the previous AGM on 7th November 2013 it was agreed that the minutes were correct.  The minutes were proposed as correct by Geoff Oldham and seconded by Craig Brocklehurst.

4.    Matters Arising from Minutes 7th November 2013.
There were no matters arising.
5.    Correspondence
No correspondence had been received.    

6.    Secretary’s Report
R Tunnicliff presented the following report:
This year has been an eventful one in that we now have a new set of Regulations and our members views were delivered to the HSE consultation. This means that for all we have to now see how they will play their part in the downstream petroleum industry we all work in. We have a great team in all aspects and it is an honour to work with them. My thanks go to the whole council and I give my assurance that all are striving to ensure that the reputation of the APEA remains at the top level that it has been for many years.
The finances remain in good hands and the publications are wonderful, and our thanks must go to Brian Baker and Jane for this.
I look forward to serving you in this next year.

7.    Chairman’s Report
L Morgan said that there were printed copies of her report available at the meeting, if delegates wished to read the report at their leisure (see text in italics below). L Morgan thanked everyone for her support in her role as Chairman and had found it eventful and challenging.
L Morgan said that there had a been a number of discussions regarding the responsibility of the APEA regarding Human Resources. L Morgan said that B Humm will be Jane’s line manager moving forward. L Morgan said this would be documented in the future.
L Morgan thanked everyone for attending the exhibition and encouraged everyone to visit the exhibition stands who had taken a lot of time out to attend the exhibition.

Chairman’s report
First and foremost I would like to welcome you all to the 2014 APEA Annual General Meeting and it is a great pleasure to see so many of you here.

My tenure as Chairman is now coming to a close and it has been an eventful and challenging couple of years.  I didn’t quite get to attend all the branch meetings as I thought however I will still attend those that I can over the coming twelve months.  I would like to thank all Council Members and members of the APEA for their support during my Chairmanship and can say that it is with some regret that I have to hand over the chain of office.  That being said we are entering a new era with a new Chairman at the helm and I would like to wish Killian Tallon the very best of luck and will continue to offer my support in whatever capacity I can, although I’m quite sure he will not need it.

I would like to thank Jane Mardell for her commitment drive and continued enthusiasm to keep all council members on the straight and narrow.  The Association would be like a rudderless ship without her and I would like to ensure that our appreciation is felt.  

The branch committees continue to work tirelessly to put on events that are held at interesting venues with topical and relevant technical and useful content and I would urge all members and non members, to make a commitment to yourselves wherever possible to attend these events.  As I know many of you travel up and down and around the country, you can attend any event in any region and all guests are most welcome, bring a colleague or a friend even.  The website contains a calendar of known events and Jane is always more than happy to answer any enquiries.

The reports that follow from Officers of the association will obviously go into further detail regarding the current position of the Association and as always your council is here to represent you, the membership, and the decisions that are made at National Council are made in the best interests of the association to ensure its future and longevity.

I hope everybody enjoys the event today please take time to attend the conference and visit the Exhibitors and Sponsors, their support of this event is invaluable and helps ensure it the success that it is.  For those of you who are able to join us for the awards dinner this evening I wish you all an enjoyable evening.

8.    Treasurer’s Report
Rob Tunnicliff presented the following report on behalf of Gareth Bourhill (Treasurer) who intimates his apologies for not attending today due to his business commitments.

I hope that the notes prepared by Gareth are self-explanatory and if you have any questions I will do my best to answer, if I can’t I will record the question and pass to Gareth and he will respond in writing.

Ladies and gentlemen as in previous years the accounts will be presented on the screen.

Briefly before I move on to them I would as I complete my second year as your Treasurer, indicate and for the minutes, express my appreciation for the assistance of our accountants Ensors.

The accounts for 2013 are now on the screen.

If we can do them as we have always done, page by page.

First is the heading page.

Next is the Index page.

Page 1, the first numbered page is the list of directors and company information.

Pages 2 and 3, are the director’s report giving general information about the activities for the year, the profit and loss for the year and defining in general terms, the responsibilities of the directors.

Pages 4 and 5, are the independent auditor’s report, which is addressed to you and explains the rules and responsibilities covering the directors and the auditors.

Page 6 is the income and expenditure for the trading year and shows the profit or loss and you will see we had a profit of £2,220 after tax compared to a deficit in the previous year of £9,812.00.

As a non-profit making organization surpluses and deficits will occur as our association strives to provide benefits for the members. I’m very pleased to report after a few years of deficits we had a small surplus in 2013.Going forward small surpluses and deficits will prevail with reserves of in excess of £180,000. The association currently remains in a healthy state.

Page 7 is the balance sheet and shows us that we have reserves of £182,271.00

Pages 8, 9 and 10 are the notes to the preceding pages.

Page 11 shows details of money paid to the directors for various reasons.

I am happy to report that in my opinion these accounts, which are posted on our website and been, published in the September Bulletin shows us to be in a good financial condition.

R Tunnicliff asked if there were any questions, there were no questions. R Tunnicliff asked for a proposer and seconder for the accounts. Brian Baker proposed the accounts as correct and Alex Boudry seconded. There was a unanimous vote by AGM delegates.

R Tunnicliff introduced B Baker, Editor of the Bulletin.

9.    Editor’s Report
B Baker presented the following report:

My report as Editor of the APEA’s Bulletin Journal is straight forward as all four issues were issued on time with each edition full. I am approaching a personal landmark and will have presided over 50 issues come this time next year, something that have and continue, to enjoy as a challenge.

One landmark was reached however and that was compiling the Bulletin Indexes.
A member can now go on the APEA web site and click on the Publications page and at the top on the right hand page, a new icon takes you to these Indexes which are;

A list of all Technical Articles published in the Journal from February 2001 until the Present, a list of Interviews from 2007 – 2014 and a list of all the ASK THE EXPERTS Questions and Answers according 10 categories.

It is hoped that these indexes add more value to membership that allows an easy –to-use reference centre whether you are looking for particular products, technical answers or researching something. My PC was punished for many hours in producing that lot but please go on our web site and see for yourself and let us have any comments.

As I do every year, I am always looking for technical articles for the Journal. The size of anything submitted does not really matter though usually the largest I take is about 2,000 words (about 4 sides of A4) and any photos or graphics must be of high resolution in order that they reproduce to a decent quality. If anyone is thinking about submitting something please get in touch.

I have not received any complaints about the present format. My roving eye continues to search out suitable candidates for the Interview series whilst the ASK THE EXPERTS series of questions and answers draws wide appeal.

Thanks go to Martin Steggles and Jamie Thompson for the constant supply of interesting photos for the front page. Also my appreciation goes to the small group of proof readers checking each issue with a fine toothed comb, especially John Thompson in Scotland.

Finally my thanks go to Jane for her publishing skills in assembling every issue with pain-staking accuracy and precision. I work quite closely with Jane and over the years have come to recognise exactly what goes into each edition and the importance of meeting deadlines that keeps me – come to think of it – all of us as disciplined as we should be.

10.    Election of Officers
R Tunnicliff presented the nominations to Council.
Nomination forms have been received for the following persons, and in the absence of any other nominees, they were appointed to office unopposed:-
Killian Tallon
Nominated:      B Conlin    
Seconded:     L Morgan

Vice Chairman
Anton Martiniussen
Nominated:    L Morgan
Seconded:     J Thompson

Robert Stanley Tunnicliff
Nominated:     R Hallam
Seconded:     B Conlin

Gareth Bourhill
Nominated:    K Tallon
Seconded:     B Conlin

Brian Philip Baker
Nominated:     B Humm
Seconded:      J Thompson

Election of Council Members

Jamie Thompson
Nominated:     L Morgan
Seconded:     B Humm

Brian Humm
Nominated:     B Baker
Seconded:     J Thompson

Ray Nicholson
Nominated:     R Tunnicliff
Seconded:     B Humm

Michael O’Kane
Nominated:     T Daly
Seconded:    S Keogh

11.    Any other Business
R Tunnicliff introduced J Thompson to the stage. J Thompson said that the APEA recognises the work that members do over the years and the council can decide to appoint Honorary Membership to a member. This means that the council have recognized this person for their contribution to the APEA and that they will receive membership free of charge. J Thompson said the Council had decided to appoint Ken Wilcox this membership. J Thompson said that Ken had flown over from America and was present at the AGM. He went on to say that he had met Ken 20 years ago, Ken was a leak detection expert and had worked with regulators over the years and his business Ken Wilcox Associates had been involved on many monitoring leak detection systems. J Thompson said that Ken had also presented at previous APEA conferences. J Thompson invited Ken Wilcox to the stage and asked K Tallon to present the certificate to him.

L Morgan presented the Chain of Office to Killian Tallon.

J Thompson thanked Ken and said there was one more certificate to present that was not listed on the Agenda. J Thompson invited K Tallon to the stage to present a Fellowship Certificate. J Thompson said he had great pleasure in proposing Louise Morgan to Council for this membership which had been agreed. J Thompson said L Morgan had greatly contributed to the Association in the last two years and raised the profile of the Association in the industry. L Morgan thanked everyone and was very surprised to receive the Fellowship.

R Tunnicliff concluded the business session and thanked everyone for attending.

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